Lava Bombs 2:
The Reconstruction

Premiere 18 March 2024 in La Palma

Launching on streaming platforms summer 2024

Our new hard hitting documentary on the deep impacts of the road to recovery in La Palma, Canary Islands.

What happens after the most destructive eruption in an island’s history stops? How do you rebuild a whole valley? And what happens to the thousands of people displaced and communities destroyed? The eruption of Tajogaite volcano hit international headlines in 2021, but we reveal the deep impacts of the struggle to recover on this small island in the middle of the Atlantic.With dramatic footage and intimate testimony from politicians, scientists, residents and activists this new documentary digs deep behind the headlines to unpick the successes and failures of the following two years post eruption.From the makers of award winning documentary “Lava Bombs: Truths behind the Volcano” on the impacts of the eruption of Tajogaite volcano in La Palma in 2021, this new documentary reveals what happened after the volcano stopped roaring so lessons can be learnt worldwide, and we advocate for change to help build resilience to future volcanic eruptions in the Canary Islands and elsewhere.The film will be available internationally on a range of streaming platforms this summer.