The story behind Lava Bombs: Truths Behind The Volcano:

On the 19th September 2021, a new volcano on the Cumbre Vieja ridge of La Palma roared into life with explosions of lava and ash threatening thousands of homes. Our GeoTenerife team arrived on La Palma on the 25th September to report on the rapidly evolving emergency.

Whilst filming live updates from the eruption for local and international media, we started to record intimate interviews with residents and emergency workers on our phones, keenly aware that many of the stories and impacts of the crisis would otherwise be lost. We were heartbroken by the deep impact being felt and resolved to document the event in a way that would ensure the many voices of Canarians affected by this devastating emergency would reach far beyond La Palma’s shores.

GeoTenerife resolved to self-fund a documentary, joined forces with New Light Studio and the effort to produce Lava Bombs: Truths Behind The Volcano was born. With a fiercely independent eye we resolved to dig deep behind the headlines to highlight how the latest Canary Islands eruption impacted not just on residents but policy makers, scientists and emergency managers.

We are eternally grateful to all the brave interviewees who agreed to be interviewed as Tajogaite trembled and roared by allowing us to step into their intimate space to foster a closer understanding of the inordinate pressure exerted on everyone involved.

Our heartfelt thanks also to our generous collaborators who allowed us to use their extraordinary unseen footage of this historic event.